About the Aphrodite Candle

Aprhodite was the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and Passion... the very essence of this candle!  The rich, velvety opulence of tuberose notes carry the Aprhrodite fragrance. The intensity and creamy scent is married with lovely lilac to awaken your senses. Base notes of Ylang Ylang and sandlewood brings additional sophistication to any environment for a deeply pleasurable experience.


Scent Notes: Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood


Ingredients: The Black Home Candles are made with a 100% renewable, eco-friendly soy coconut wax blend. Hand-poured in NYC, our candles are formulated without toxic paraffins and pthalates to avoid toxic carcinogens when burning.


Size: 10oz candle with 60+ hours of burn time.