Working with BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette

Well, this summer has been an interesting one for sure and I truly have subtle joy that it is coming to a close. As you know we have been slowly renovating our home room by room since Nile’s been away, therefore turning her room into unofficial storage space. Of course, after spending a summer in California we wanted to do something extremely special for her upon returning home. The opportunity to partner with BEHR® Paint to reveal the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette, could not have come at a better time!

Beautiful Canyon Dusk (S210-4) served as the perfect feature color for a complete bedroom redo! As you know, virtual school is back in session and we wanted Nile to have the perfect environment where she could sleep, learn and play. The entire BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette serves as a calming palette of gorgeous earth rich colors. Seeing as though our plans to visit Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah were canceled, I am living vicariously through the richness of these tones from home.

We started by knocking down the wall joining my former office with her bedroom to open her space a bit.

The extra space allowed us (by “us” I am referring to my amazing contractor and friend) to build a bunk bed that would be suitable for our minimalist color blocking theme. Yes, I said build. As if a six-day turnaround for a complete renovation did not apply enough pressure, let’s build a bunk bed from scratch! We were able to purchase decor by using a gift card provided by BEHR and The Home Depot to help with this project.

We felt this was best used to purchase all of the wood for the bed. Nile is an absolute girly-girl, but at nine, her palette for everything from food to colors has matured greatly. Canyon Dusk was the perfect color to show that femininity where it is suitable for her big girl status.

We decided to keep the design clean. Prominent lines that truly highlight how the color sat in the space. We loved the color so much we used it to follow the design from wall, to ceiling, to the bed frame. We used BEHR ULTRA™ SCUFF DEFENSE™ paint in Ultra Pure WhiteⓇ (PPU18-06) to achieve a flat finish that will be durable and lasting.

Canyon Dusk not only served to create clean lines throughout this design, it was also used to create dimension and density in areas like her reading nook.

We then did something daring and painted the floor with BEHR ULTRA™Interior inUltra Pure White (PPU18-06). I’ll speak more about this in another blog post but I love the way it made the room brighter, elevated, and welcoming.

We still have a few more things to do before the design is complete like seal the window in back of the bed, but overall I think we nailed this design in six days.

I absolutely love the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette. I am excited to have been chosen as one of the partners for this project. This was so much fun to execute and I love the finished design thanks to my new favorite color, Canyon Dusk. We missed Nile so much and I am thrilled to see her reaction when she finally comes back home.

This post was sponsored by BEHRⓇ Paint.