Color Trends: Caramel, Terracotta and Clay

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

A visual mashup of how to blend colors with one color as the base Follow me?

Lately, I have been crushing on terracotta which is a desert tone that often resemble a clay-type hue that although is rich in history, is just beautiful- which is why I chose to adorn the walls in my home office with it. In this blog I will visually show you other colors which marry well so you know what colors to use inside of your home.

Every month I will choose a new base color I’m crushing on, to help you figure out if you should buy that pillow, order blankets or change your curtains!

You can also view these boards on Pinterest if you need to get more information on actual Pantone numbers or links to purchase items in the photos.

Until then, enjoy the views,


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