How I Recreated a Bedroom into a Home Office

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We are blessed to have many bedrooms for our many family members in our home. There happens to be six in total which housed all four of my children myself and a nanny at one point in time. Now that everyone is venturing out, and the bedrooms are becoming rooms for storage, which is a blog in itself for a later date, its ultimately time for transition and repurpose.

Realizing that our guest bedroom which NEVER actually occupied guest could be a room for my eldest daughter, it was a no-brainer to transition her off the master floor onto the sublevel of the home. This not only gives her the privacy she needs; it eliminates a small bit of activity on our main level which us a bit more peace and quiet. Her old room which was more spacious and light-filled than Nile’s former room offered the perfect opportunity to upgrade Nile, essentially freeing up her former room. I jumped then convert the room into a home office. BEFORE THE TRANSITION:


Thanks to the free labor of my sons, three coats of white primer were applied to the oxblood walls to create a clean canvas for whatever my heart desired.  

My process for choosing color is simple, how does that color make me feel? Do I need to feel creative, productive or calm?  I sit for a while with these questions to develop my actual mood towards the space I will spend 3-5 hours a day in. I also look towards something that inspires me. Unfortunately, the incomparable Diahann Carol passed away the day before and social media was in a frenzy showcasing beautiful photos of her at her prime. I found this photo of her and it made me feel happy, relaxed, peaceful and timeless. 

The color her shadow created on the wall was the exact color I decided would be on the walls, but I had to figure out exactly what color that was first! A trip to Home Depot helped with narrowing down the paint color and I ended up choosing Behr RED CLOVER.

Being that I used all my free labor points with my sons for the month, I was forced to seek outside help and found a painter with high reviews on Angie's List. I hate to say it but he must have paid for all of his reviews because this man dribbled paint all over my wood floors! My spirit told me to usher him out when he told me he did not need a drop cloth or any rags for cleanup because he is, and I quote, “THAT DAMN GOOD “.

Now that the walls and unfortunately, the floors were covered in this historical and hue rich beautiful, terracotta. It was time to go shopping! At this time IKEA was debuting the Virgil Abloh collection which had my son on line all night for some home furnishings! He called me at 7am and asked if I wanted to come down and meet him. He had a wrist band for me and was at the front of the line which means I was able to grab the table I have currently in my office without sleeping outside like the rest of the five thousand people who were there when I arrived. We were part of the first 20 people into the doors so I was able to get some key essentials from the collection including my desk, which is really a dining room table, and the clock which states “temporary”.

I later found out there were only five tables in the whole tristate area which made me one lucky lady thanks to my son!

I knew I wanted the space to function solely to my needs without too much clutter with dashes of ART. I went to Home Goods to purchase a beautiful and comfortable rug to keep my feet happy and a shelving unit that I now use for books. I was given a pretty awesome gift 10 years ago of an egg chair which is now in space as well, draped in faux fur. I am thinking of adding this framed CHANEL poster from downstairs to this back wall but I will surely update you on what I do with this are of the room.

In any home, office, or home office, organization is essential! I took a hutch that was dying inside of my eldest daughter's room, cleaned it up and used it as storage for all of my paperwork, stored my printer and housed any new fragrances for THE BLACK HOME candles.

All together the redesign cost under $1,200 with the paint contractor and furnishings included. Although I do not recommend the painter I used on this project, the pricing shouldn't be too far, which is not bad.

Do you have a space you want to turn into a home office? If you had any desires to create one it might be a great time to start especially during this quarantine.

If you have any photos make sure you tag them to #LifeDesignedBeautifully so I can see them and repost your wonderful creative space!

Until next time my loves,



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