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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hi family - Neffi here!  I am so happy to finally have a place to communicate with you about all things design, inspiration, family, travel and ways to design your life beautifully. 

In this space you will get a weekly, in depth look into my thought process to execute desirable designs. I will also feature first look at new home fragrances, updates on the new store and step by step explanations on my client projects. Basically, this is our happy place!

I am in the process of publishing two E-books to get you through these intense days of quarantine. The first, a 50-point reference guide to turn any house into a well-appointed home. The second, a very personal synopsis on how I overcame a very difficult time in life, re-discovering my love for design and ultimately my pursuit in interiors.

Think of it as you climbing into my head and asking every question you wanted to know about design for your own home!

I am so happy we are embarking on this new journey together and look forward to creating with you soon.

With love,



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