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A unique space where black is celebrated in all ways

Spanning community, products and service, online and in person, The Black Home is dedicated to bringing the experience of people of color to your home by curating partnerships that epitomize the true concept of excellence and creative expression...


Reach your potential customers directly in our brick and mortar store concept located at 7 william st. downtown newark, new jersey. Expand your reach and connect with your target audience to increase sales and brand awareness

Reaching a mass audience doesn’t necessarily equate to reaching the right audience and thankfully a partnership with The Black Home allows you to tackle both.

Over the years, The Black Home owner, Neffi Walker, has spent a significant amount of time building a digital brand, both personally and professionally with The Black Home.


It has always been a dream to expand The Black Home concept and network to a brick and mortar location in an effort to increase our exposure on the ground, locally, provide a physical space to further impact the community and provide a space for our Northeastern region audience (and visitors) to gather together physically to see, touch and interact with the brands we love with in-store purchasing and social events.

A collective retail experience supporting under-represented designers, artists, & small business owners


We know first-hand how hard it is to pick up and hit the ground running. We're making it super simple to reach your sales goals and introduce your brands to a niche audience.

Increase Exposure

E-commerce has made it easy for start-ups to emerge. However, placing your merchandise in retail outlets provides for additional exposure to the buying market.


Showcase your products at The Black Home & Get Discovered

Introduce your products to our audience and engage with relevant buyers

Hand-selected vendors can receive significant exposure through personal customer engagement at The Black Home that an online brand seldom gets the opportunity to do.

Since vendors will be rotated on a quarterly basis - the limited-time nature of this type of partnership with the brands we select will also present a level of exclusivity that will keep shop visitors intrigued and engaged because they will not want to miss the opportunity to shop, meet & greet, and of course support our and (soon to be) their favorite brands!

The Store Concept 

For two years, we led The Spot Pop Up to get a solid understanding of our market. Every year we've had over 20 vendors and 600+ attendees for a one day collective shopping experience with many vendors increasing their brand awareness and selling out their inventory.

Due to the success of these events, we know how much representation is needed in this industry.

Managing Inventory

In an effort to bring this vision to life and support as many businesses as we can, The Black Home will not purchase inventory wholesale.


Inventory will be sourced through consignment. 30% of sales profit will be given to The Black Home. This guarantees your product has a home on our shelves. With this approach we can offset our costs and support more businesses by carrying more brands.

Duration of Partnership

The Black Home plans to rotate vendors every three (3) months to provide a fresh, new experience to our clientele. This also gives many brands an opportunity to experience a partnership with The Black Home. Retaining vendors for an extended period of time is at the discretion of the management team.

Positioning in Store & Online

Reach thousands of new target customers that resonate with your
brand values on a monthly basis and expand your sales channels to increase revenue by being a featured vendor in our store and on our online platform. Tell your story to our customers with your own brand feature and page on our website and through our digital campaigns by email and social media.

SELLING & Payment: How it works

We work with you to upload your products and information to our site, allowing you full control of pricing. Every time your products sells, we send you the order information. Payouts are managed and distributed weekly through our POS system. For every sale that you make, The Black Home keeps 30% of the transaction. 


Your company or brand can participate in the creation of engaging and innovative in-store and digital brand activations including in store events and inclusion in our digital communications. Our activations have a high marketing value to our customer-base which largely includes Women, Millennials, People of Color, and the LGBTQ+ communities. Engage our audience with your brand awareness practices, samples, products and more aimed at YOUR brand’s marketing objectives, that align directly with The Black Home. Each vendor will be a part of The Black Home's marketing campaign, both digitally and in store.

The Soft Launch:

February 21 & 22, 2021

An exclusive shopping experience that connects local upcoming designers

and entrepreneurs with potential buyers

We're connecting entrepreneurs and upcoming designers with buyers by

curating a one of a kind social shopping experience. 

Vendors selected to be a part of The Black Home's Quarter One vendors will also be invited to participate in the soft launch opening of the store in Downtown Newark on February 21 and 22nd. This will be a great opportunity to introduce your brand to our audience and garner excitement for the opening of the store. Social Distancing and covid-19 protocols will be strictly enforced, no exceptions.

On Day 1: Invited influencers and tastemakers will have the opportunity to meet, greet and shop exclusively with the vendors and take home a gift bag.

On Day 2: Similar to our The Spot Pop Up formats, we will open to The Black Home tribe for an exclusive shopping experience to meet our vendors and celebrate this new milestone. 

The cost to host a vendor table at the Soft Launch opening is $250. This covers the expenses The Black Home will accrue for hosting the event. 

The Black Home pop-up will be open on both days from 11-6 pm. Set up time will be 8 am sharp.

Sounds like your cup of tea?

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