Neffi Walker believes life should be designed beautifully and a beautiful life is one designed with intention. As a mother of five, business owner and principal designer of The Black Home, Neffi Walker bridged the gap on family, creativity and business in ways that are enviable. Her approach on life to highlight the overlooked or undervalued beauties can be mirrored in the way she approaches design.


Often considered daring, Neffi uses dark tones as the focal point in many of her designs. Known for accentuating black walls with pops of color and opulent gold mirrors, Neffi Walker’s adaptation of minimalism is something marveled at by Essence, Blavity, Domino, Apartment Therapy and her profoundly engaging following alike.


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Spanning community, product and service, The Black Home is the destination for inspiration dedicated to highlighting the black experience. Understanding the fear associated with Black as it pertains to color and culture, Neffi Walker creates a space where black is celebrated all ways, in all ways. Often creating platforms to showcase black chefs, artists and other creatives, The Black Home represents a communal collective of excellence. This initiative paired with her exquisite eye for design and precise execution captivates audiences from all walks of life.